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The legitimacy of the institutions and the prestige of the state is by referring back to People

By going back to People,  the  institutions will get back its legitimacy and the state its prestige

H.E Sayyed Ali al-Amin:

Calling for the resignation of the government and the House of Representatives and to assign military to run the country for six months

National  News Agency – Tuesday -2015 / 8/25 /

– The political class has  declared in Lebanon of failing to manage the State since years ago by the tongues of its officials,  and this has been proved by the successive events in many occasions. According to that, the ruling class has lost the people’s trust in them.

And the Wonder of wonders that is making the sane get confused , is that those who declare their failure, do refuse to leave power and are still adhering to it, using various methods and slogans in order to stay there !.

What  can result in worsening of the political situation and great risk to the fate of the State and the People and the nation in addition to the risk of conflicts  that are surrounding  the area, calls us to plan for a road map that forms a start for getting out of the continuous spiral vacuum  and obstruction and ranging at the same position.

This map begins by submitting the resignation of the government and the House of Representatives to the People and refer to the People because he is the source of all authorities, and that it is obligatory not to have vacuum in power,  then army and security forces are commissioned to manage the affairs of State, and we suggest that the duration of the assignment to be for six months in order to prepare during that for parliamentary elections followed by the election of the President of the Republic and the formation of a new government, where It is a short-term period that gives an opportunity for those who have lost the confidence of the people to restore it, and by getting back to  People, the institutions are to get back their lost legitimacy and the state  its stature at local and abroad.

Finally, we remind the officials by words of the poet:

The glory is that your own glory
is to protect you among people,
not constabulary nor supporters