الخميس , يونيو 8 2023

Sunni-Shiite conflict and the US interest

Some ‪ ‎USA‬ policy makers in the ‪ ‎MiddleEast‬ may see that the Sunni-Shiite conflict makes countries of the region and their peoples busy by themselves, and depletes their abilities and puts them away from building their strong way that scares its basic ally Israel, and makes USA as a subject of need for the various parties, and this what explains the lack of support to the powers of ‪ ‎moderation‬ in the region. But what we see is that this policy is wrong because it will increase the hostility of peoples of the region to USA, and USA will not be in isolation from the effects of this conflict, which will not be restricted to the region itself, and this will increase the spread of the culture of hatred which can be no longer prevented to access to other areas of the world in the presence of tools of modern communication, and this is what will contribute in feeding the global ‪‎terrorism‬ which results in detriment on all nations and peoples.
[ H.E Sayyed Ali El-Amine] ; 17-11-2013 , Alwatan Alkuwaitiya